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Warid LTE Internet Packages

Warid offers lte internet bundles in different format including hourly, daily, 3 - day,weekly, monthly-mini, monthly - value, monthly-smart, monthly-big, monthly-super, monthly giant, monthly mega. Warid LTE is latest internet technology which offers high internet speed at any time.

This thing is important that back to probably 2005 Warid has LTE Technology when other network doesn’t know about 3G and 4G networks in Pakistan. Warid Hide this technology from other Telecom Operators and doesn’t show. When in 2013 other network (jazz, zong, telenor, ufone ) was trying to buy these 3G 4G technologies but Warid didn’t participate in that market to buy latest technologies. Then every where it was talking what is the future of warid who didn’t buy 3G or 4G technology. All of Sudden Warid Show his hidden power LTE Technology then Every Telecom Operator was Shocked to see and then they understand Warid as a Dark horse.

Bundle                 Rs.          Volume                 Validit             Keyword              Shortcode           Balance

Hourly                   10           100MB                  4 hours           DH4                     7777                   *200*415#

Daily                      10           50 MB                   24 Hours        D24                        7777                  *200*411#

3-Day                    25           125 MB                 3 days              DB3                        7777           *200*437#

Weekly 50           250         MB                        7 Days               WB1                       7777           *200*471#

Monthly-Mini    100         500 MB                 30 Days             MBM                     7777            *200*431#

Monthly-Value 200         1 GB                       30 Days              MBV                      7777           *200*432#

Monthly-Smart 300         2 GB                       30 Days              MBS                       7777          *200*433#

Monthly-Big       500         5 GB                       30 Days             MBB                      7777          *200*435#

Monthly Super  800         8 GB                       30 Days              MHD                      7777          *200*438#

Monthly Gint    1000       10 GB                      30 Days             MBG                      7777           *200*434#

Monthly Mega  1200       12 GB                    30 Days              MMB                     7777             *200*436#

Process and Subscription:

Simply dial *777# to choose your package to subscribe and then you can check your balance.

If you want to subscribe through SMS then SMS to relevant keyword to 777. For example, SMS MHD to 777 for monthly super bundle.

Terms and conditions:

3G is mobile not supported by LTE Network so should have a 4G handest.

These packages are available to all packages.

Without packages Rs. 5/MB  will be charged.

These packages are only available for Warid Prepraid And Glow Customers.

These Internet packages will work on both 2G and LTE.


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