How To download Big Files with Opera mini handler

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How To download Big Files with Opera mini handler

as we know opera mini doesn't support big files above then 15mb and it results in downloading failed. this is very worrying thing in opera mini. most of the telecom users use free internet on opera mini handler and there aim is to download rapidly big files including movies, games and other interested things. but when they try to download big files of 250 mb it normally results in error. to overcome this problem i'm providing you a best download trick with opera mini handler.

1. brows the download file page then tap and hold the downloading link to open menu (Open in New Tab)

2.when you see Open In New Tab then click on this new tab. the downloading link start reloading in other tab.
3.While reloading the link in other tab refresh the downloading page before prompting to save the file.

4.When Refreshing the page finish then click to save.
5. After saving you will see it will restart to download big files. enjoy
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