Download Syphon Shield handler

Syphon shield is another android vpn application that is used to provide free internet with proxy service.from this application you can run any website connected through this vpn. it provide different kinds of server. these server are located in Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Singapore, Japan. through these servers you can easily run any type of website without getting any error.
when you open this application then you have to provide Host setting, Proxy, and Port.
after that you have to select your favorite server location and touch on connect. after 1 minute you will be connected to your desire location server. you can see key mark at the top of android notification bar. this mean you have connected to internet.
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Application Size: 5.2MB
Operating System: Android
License: Freeware

Download Psiphon Handler APK (82/91/88/Pro/all versions/exe)

Psiphon handler 82 is a free VPN android app that is used to make internet websites that are
blocked in your countries. These websites include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other adult websites are include. in this case Psiphon handler connect through outer country server and unblocked all websites that are prohibited in country.
it provides many server like united states, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Singapore.
you have to choose one of them any server and then touch on connect button then a red signal will start blinking and you will see after 1 minute a key mark would be began to show at the upper side of the notification bar of Android. it's mean is that you have connected with outer country server and your ip address is completely changed and you can freely enjoy any website In your country.

Here you can download all versions of Psiphon handler including Psiphon handler 82, Psiphon 91, Psiphon Pro.

Download Psiphon Handler in apk:

  • Application Name: Psiphon handler 82 UI
  • Application Category: Android Handler UI APK
  • Application Size: 5.38 MB