Har Insan k sath 20 Frishtey rahte hain (Hadees/hadees e nabvi )

Islam is the worlds best world religion that provide guide in every aspect of life. no other religion Is complete and can compete with Islam. Islam is present in every corner of the world. the believers believe that there is jannat and dozakh after death. it will be for good person jannat and dozakh for who did not do good deed.
In this Hadith Allah appointed 20 angels for protecting men in 24 hours a day.
islye hamain chiye k hum Allah tala ka shukar ada krain k us ne hamain Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W ka ummati paida kya hai jin ki badolat ye kainaat bnai gaye hai. Allah pak hum sab musalmano ko Allah aur us k Rasool ki itat krne ki toufeeq de amen.

Carrot Benefits(Gajjar k faiday/beauty tips in urdu)


  1. Gajjar ka halwah jism ko taqat deta hai.dil k amraz main mufeed hai.rozanah gajjar k juice ka aik glass peene se dil ka arzah nhi hota.
  2. gajjar main tmam sabzyo se zyadah gezain hoti hain.
  3. kachi gajjar khane se benai taiz hoti hai.
  4. gajjar gareeb ka saib hai.
  5. gajjar k juice ka aik glass hamrah chand badam har subha pya jaye tu be had taqat deta hai agar sardi zyadah ho tu thora gram kr k pya jaye.
  6. gajjar ka halwah dimagi,jismani taqat k lye behad mufeed hota hai.
  7. gajjar chehrey ka rang nikharti hai.aur husn paida krti hai.
  8. gajjar ka murabbah behad farhat bhaksh aur muqawi hota hai.
These are the Benefits of the carrot that you can avail and make your face beautiful. there are so many beautiful articles that you can really enjoy.

Download Candy Camera Apk File

Candy Camera Apk

At last you are here finding candy camera to download and take memorable selfies. Huh!

Let’s take a Selfie with most powerful candy camera highlighting beautifying filters and silent mode activations. With this beautiful and top application you can take selfies anywhere and anytime. It has amazing filters to blow your mind baby!

Candy Camera Review:

Filters for Selfies:

A wide range of filters, made specifically for selfies .Every Candy Camera filter will make your body and skin look fabulous . easy to Swipe left and right to change filters. Find the perfect  filter for a selfie. Candy Camera’s filters are shown real-time while you take a selfie, So you always look and feel happy and beautiful with Candy filters.

Beauty Functions

Candy camera filter , there are additional editing tools for the beautiful selfies . Concealer ,Slimming, whitening,  lipstick, blush, eyeliner, mascara. Edit or use make-up stickers to look beautiful in all your selfies.Candy Camera is the ultimate beauty tool for selfies!


 Beautiful Stickers for everyone , occasion, and trends.beautify your selfie with Candy big sticker collection . Generated New stickers are being added to Candy Camera with every update

Similarly it has others features like:

Silent Camera

it provide you silent selfie without disturbing others due to sound of selfie.


You can take selfies in college university and with other roads friends to make your self a cartoon. Do you see cartoon network in india, united state,you will look cartoon after taking selfie. If you feel something like that then edit your selfie in candy camera and become a human.
Supported Android Versions 

  • Gingerbread 
  • Honeycomb 
  • Ice Cream Sandwich 
  • Jelly Bean 
  • KitKat 
  • Lollipop 
  • Marshmallow

Download Candy Camera in Apk

Download B612 Apk Free Download

B612 is andoid application from photography category.it is perfect for taking selfies anytime and anywhere. As we know in the world smart phone access are not by only adults but also in hands of children today.

They have fond of taking selfies and upload it too the facebook, twitter and other social platform to get likes and share etc. so in this case B612 Selfie android apk provides best result. It is uniquely designed ultimately only for selfie it is full of fun and features that you can’t find anywhere on the internet.

B612 Features Review:

Selfie Video: it can take selfie video for 3 or 5 seconds. It also capture audio. Just tap and hold the screen to start recoding.

Rear Camera support: you can swipe the screen from above to bottom to show your friends the world through your eyes.

Random Filters: it has different kinds of filters that most suitable to your selfie pic and choose that and apply it. Just tap the random button only.

Vignette: this is the coolest feature  that darkening the borders of the selfie to bring out most truly important part. It automatically adjust to filters.

Tilt-Shift: it came with blur lines of focus for a gentle touch.

Timer: it has minimum 2 to 5seconds. Make a good pose before time is over.

Selfie Stick: it also selfie stick supportable set your Bluetooth remote and enjoy more beautiful pics experience.

Sharing : you can share your photos to facebook, twitter and instagram or pininterest.

Allah Tala k lye aik darham kharch kro aur Allah k khazaney se 10 darham Lo (Islamic)

Allah Tala k lye aik darham kharch kro aur Allah k khazaney se 10 darham lo.

aik sail Hazrat Ali(R.A) k paas a kr khra hua.hazrat ali ne hazrat hasan ya hazrat Husain(R.A) se kha k apni waldah k paas jao aur in se kho k main ne ap k paas 6 darham rakhway thy un main se aik darham de do. wo gay aur inhon ne wapis a kr ami jaan keh rhe hain wo 6 darham tu ap ne attay k lye rakhway the.Hazrat Ali (R.A) ne kha kisi bhi bandey ka aeman is wqt tak sacha sabit nhi ho skta jab tak k is ko jo cheez is k paas hai.us se zyadah aetamad is cheez par na ho jay jo Allah tala k khazano main hai.apni waldah se kho k 6 darham bhaij dain. inhon ne 6 darham Hazrat Ali(R.A) ko bhijwadye. jo hazrat Ali ne is Sail ko de deye.
Ravi kehte hain k Hazrat Ali (R.A) ne apni nashist bhi nhi badly the k itne main aik admi in k pas se aik oont lye guzra jise wo baichna chata tha. Hazrat Ali ne kha k oont kitne main do gay? us ne kha 140 darham main. Hazrat Ali ne kha k isey yhan bandh do. albattah is ki qeemat kuch arsey bad dain gaye. wo admi oont bandh kr chala gya thori dair main aik admi aya aur us ne kha ye oont kis ka hai? Hazrat Ali ne kha: mera. us admi ne kha: kya ap isey baichay gaye. Hazrat Ali ne kha: haan. is admi ne kha kitne main? Hazrat Ali ne kha 200 darham main. 200 darham de kr wo oont le gya.
Hazrat Ali ne jis admi se oont udhar khreeda tha usey 140 darham dye aur baqi 60 darham la kr Hazrat Fatima ko dye.inho ne pucha ye kya hai? Hazrat ali ne kha ye wo hai jis ka Allah Tala ne apne Nabi se wada kya hai.
Jo Shaks naik kaam kre ga usko us k 10 hisey maily gay.
hum logo ko dusro ki madad krne main kanjoosi nhi krni chiye. aaj kal hum log apne pait par pahley hath rakhtey hain aur dusro ki parwah nhi krte yhan tak k dusro ka haq bhi cheen kr kha jate hain.hamain aisi adaat aur buraiyo se bachna chiye aur naik kaam krne chiye.
agar pasand ay tu zrur share krain.

Aeman aur Islam ki Allah K Han Kitni Qadar hai???

In Pakistan there is a large number of Muslims lived. Pakistan and India was one before 14th august 1947. Pakistan was get to apply Islamic laws in country. when Pakistan was born on the map of the world then many Muslims migrate to Pakistan and many of them remained in India. thus Pakistan was become the first Muslims country in the world. the purpose of getting Pakistan is that Muslims can get Quran and recited holy Quran without any difficulty. Quran is the Allah Kallam.

This hadith is about the characteristic of a complete Muslim (kamil muslaman). this hadith provide knowledge about how much Muslim is important to Allah with aeman.
We pray to Allah that Allah Forgive our sins and gave us Jannat.

Read More Makhsoos Aemal jo mukhtalif museebto se bachatey hain

Naiki ka hukam aur Gunhao se rokney ki fazeelat (achi batain)

There are lots of Muslims in the world. every Muslim believe In One Allah. it is his or her duty to stopped other Muslims from wrong doing. this hadith is about the barkat of doing (naiki ka hukam aur burai se rokna).
islam provide all the aspects of life. Muslims realize that their duties about Islam. Islam is the only religion in the world that teaches one's to respect his or her parents in old age.
this hadith is about the people who stopped people by doing wrong and teach them to good deeds. these people will be the best people in akhirat. these people were the well wisher of the mankind.
if you want to become good Muslim you should have to help people, ready to help people every time so that you will become good Muslims. Muslim women also do good deeds to get Jannat in akhirat.

achi batain


Makhsoos Aemal Jo Makhsoos Musebto Se Nijat Dilatey Hain.

This hadith is specially for those who does not do good deeds relevant to Ablution, Remembrance, Salat (Nimaz), and hajj .
so we should do this kind of good deeds so that we can make our next life easy and calm. and we are able to get Jannat.

Do you know the "Rights of Friends." ?

In the Qur'an there is a mention of friends along with those and distant relatives. They have the following rights:

1. It is necessary to make a close observation of the beliefs,deeds, behavior and dealings, conduct and character of those with whom one intends to make friends. If they are found right minded and righteous, they may be befriended, otherwise avoided. Great emphasis has been laid on shunning bad society. Experience and observation also expose the harm of bad society. If one comes across a person of like habits, belief and character, there is no objection to befriending him, as it is recognized universally that a friend is the greatest source of comfort and solace.
2. Never hesitate in sacrificing for him even your life and wealth.
3. If something unpleasant comes from him connive at it. If some quarrel occurs by change settle it at once instead of prolonging it, because even temporary differences among friends have some pleasant aspects.
4. Do not be neglectful in wishing your friends well or in giving them good advice. Give ear to his advice with sincerity and accept it if it is practicable. There is a custom in the Indian sub-continent of adopting someone as a son and conferring on him all the rights of a real son. In the Islamic Shari'ah an adopted son has no such rights, he has simply the rights of a friend. Such a one has no share in the heritage which is subject to definite laws and is not a matter of someone's personal choice.
It is inferred from this that the practice followed in India of debarring a son from inheritance is invalid in the Shari'ah and has, therefore, no legal force.

Download Your Freedom APK

Are you being trapped behind a firewall protection layer or a filtering a web proxy and cannot access some and many website pages. so you should use an application you would like to use or play a game you would like to play. Is your Internet connection being censored and you would like to stick censorship where the sun doesn't shine? Would you prefer to stay anonymous, that your IP address is not logged with every access to someone's web page? Then look no further, you've found the solution!

The Your Freedom services makes accessible what is unaccessible to you, and it hides your network address from those who don't need to know. Just download our client application and install or just run it on your PC; it turns your own PC into an uncensored, anonymous web proxy and an uncensored, anonymous SOCKS proxy that your applications can use, and if that's not enough it can even get you connected to the Internet just as if you were using an unrestricted DSL or cable connection -- just like the firewall suddenly went boom! You can even make your PC accessible from the Internet if you like. Nearly all applications work with Your Freedom, and so far no-one has managed to block our service completely and permanently without blocking your Internet access entirely.

Download Your Freedom For Windows

Download Your Freedom Apk

Telenor Free internet

Dear Friends Here is a littler trick to get 20 mb telenor free internet. You can use these mb’s to enjoy internet surfing or for downloading purposes. But my opinion is Telenor 3G has worst internet speed in Pakistan of every city. so I also have Telenor sim due to which I know this problem. but it has some good internet packages.

How To Get Telenor 20 Mb internet package

There is an application on Google Play Store Named WoW Box. it is offered by Telenor. you don't have to make any extra settings. you have to install this app to you android phone and add your phone number to WoW Box Application.
after that go to store section there will be write 20mb free tap on this script and claim your 20mb free internet. you can get this 20mb free internet every day.
I have also adding some images so that you can understand what i'm was talking about.

UFone Free Internet Trick

Download WOW BOX

if you want to say thanks then simply share this awesome trick to your friends.

Lemu K Faiday (Lemon benefits)

Lemu (Lemon)

is ka rang zard aur kachey lemu ka rang sabz hota hai.is ka zaiqa khata hota hai.is main stric acid paya jata hai.is ki kai iqsam hain.sab se ala kaghzi lenu ki hai jis ka chilka kaghaz ki trah patla hota hai.


Vitamin B aur C aur namkiyat ka bahtreen makhaz hain.is main vitamin A mamooli miqdar main paya jata hai.
is ka goda aur ras dono mufeed hote hain.
bhook lgata hai.aur pyas ko bhujata hai.
lemu ko kaat kr agar chehrey par lgaya jaye tu chaiyan aur keel muhasey se theek ho jate hain.
chawlo ko ubalte wqt agar aik chamchah lemu ka ras is main nichor dya jay tu chawal khush rang aur khush-bu dar bnte hain.
machli ki bu door krne k lye is par lemu mal kr rakhna chiye.is se machli khush zaiqa tyar hoti hai,
lemu ka chilko se daant saaf krne se daant dard ki shekayat nhi hoti.
wazan km krne k lye lemu ka ras 2 chammach,shahad aik gelass pani main mila kr subha nehar munh peena bohat mufeed hai.2 haftey k musalsal istemal se wazan main khasi tabdeli ajati hai.agar sardi ka mosam ho tu neem gram pani main shahad aur lemu hal kr piyain.
sir dhone k bad agar lemu ka ras mila pani dubarah balo main lgaya jaye aur balo ko tolye se khushk kr lya jaye is se balo main chamak ajati hai.
salad wali sabzyan maslan podinah wagairah agar murjha jain tu lemu ka ras mila kr pani in par chirakne se dubarah tazah ho jati hain.
lemu ka ras baironi tor par jild ko narm aur haseen bnata hai.
lemu ka ras basan main mila kr chehrey par lgane se daag dhabey door ho jate hain.
lemu main phasphoras,folad,potasium aur calcium ki wafar miqdar hoti hai.jo insani sahat k lye zruri hai.

Malta aur Naryal k faiday (beneifts of cocnut and orange)


malta mizaj k lehaz se sard tar hai.is ka rang pukhta halat main surkhi mail zard hota hai.is ka zaiqa qadrey metha aur khata hota hai.is ki miqdar khurak 2 se 6 dana hai.



khoon paida krta hai.

ye hazim hota hai.magar isey khate wqt kali mirch aur namak ka izafah krne se is ka zaiqa zyadah mazedar ho jata hai.

is main vitamin C ki wafar miqdar pai jati hai.

nazlah,zukam aur khansi main maltey ka istemal deta hai.

khoon ki hrarat ko km krta hai.

is ka chilka chehrey ki rangat nikharne main mufeed hota hai.is ka triqa ye hai k maltey k chilkey k androni sufaid hisey ko saaf krain aur ragar lain.aur sarso ka tail lga kr rat k wqt chehrey par lape kr k so jain.subha sawairey uth kr kisi achey sabun se munh dho lain.sirf 6 din k istemal se chehrey k tmam daag dhabey aur chaiyan door ho jain ge.

maltey k chilkey k sirf zardi waley hisey ko he agar rat sone se qabal chehrey par mal lya jaye aur ye amal koi 5 mint tak jari rhe tu faidah chand he rozah k istemal se ho jata hai.



naryal ka zaiqa metha farhat bakhsh hota hai.is ka rang bahir se surkh aur andar se sufaid hota hai.



khoon saaf krta hai.

naryal ka tail sir par lgane se baal mulain hote hain aur barhte bhi hain.

naryal ka tail agar rozana palko par lgaya jaye tu wo bohat mulaim ho jati hain

kacha naryal bhook lgata hai.aur fawaid k aetabar se zyadah sufaid hota hai.

chawal khane k bad thora sa naryal kha lene se chawal foran hazam ho jata hain.

girte hue balo ki surat main khoprey yani naryal ka tail sir par lgana khas tor par rat k wqt bohat he faidah mand hai.


Download Uc mini handler APK

Uc Browser is world most downloaded browser on android.it is speedy browser and have built in download manager which helps a lot in downloading online videos. you can download any video from internet with this browser.it takes 1 minute to load depending on your internet connection and while video play it shows downloading sign and click on it will start downloading videos.
Uc mini handler apk provides some sort of vpn service that helps to use internet freely.

Opera Mini Handler APK

Opera mini handler also give some kind of VPN services but it main functions we are going to discuss how it provides free internet service. Download Opera mini Handler.
after installing opera mini then a new interface will open like this picture.

Click on Remove Port and choose Real Host and then provide Proxy Server and click on save on you are done.

Ufone Free internet Trick

if you don't have money and fed up with high rates ufone internet packages then here is a ufone internet trick that you avail to use free internet.
As we know Ufone Provide Free internet Social Pack (Facebook,Twitter,WhatsApp,Line) totally free with any package you subscribe including weekly, 3day and monthly packages.
if you subscribe 3day in price of  Rs.25 package then you will get 100 Mb for 3 days with social pack free.For weekly package you will get 250 Mb for 7 Days in price of  Rs.50 with social pack free.
After Consuming all Mb's then your internet connection will stopped and then you have to installed Psiphon Handler or Syphon handler on your android mobile.

Setting For Psiphon Handler and Syphon Shield:

1. Subscribe for weekly internet package by dialing *3#.

2.Mobile internet setting will remain default.
 When you will install the above described application then it will open an interface like this
Then click on Remove Port and choose Real Host as mentioned in above picture. in proxy server write m.twitter.com
now click on save and then click on connect. it will take 1 minute and will connect to internet.
1.due to m.facebook.com and m.twitter.com real host is blocked we are providing now m.line.com 
2.it provides 3G internet speed upto 10Mb and after that it will automatically changed to 2G internet Speed.
3.if you want again 3G support then you will have to disconnect it and then re-connect again. again it will work for 3G upto 10 Mb. this cycle run in this trick.
4. if you want 3G speed downloading then you have to download Opera mini handler. it will provide you 3G speed without any limit.

How To download Big Files with Opera mini handler

as we know opera mini doesn't support big files above then 15mb and it results in downloading failed. this is very worrying thing in opera mini. most of the telecom users use free internet on opera mini handler and there aim is to download rapidly big files including movies, games and other interested things. but when they try to download big files of 250 mb it normally results in error. to overcome this problem i'm providing you a best download trick with opera mini handler.

1. brows the download file page then tap and hold the downloading link to open menu (Open in New Tab)

2.when you see Open In New Tab then click on this new tab. the downloading link start reloading in other tab.
3.While reloading the link in other tab refresh the downloading page before prompting to save the file.

4.When Refreshing the page finish then click to save.
5. After saving you will see it will restart to download big files. enjoy
if you like it then share it with others.

Download Zero VPN APK

Zero VPN is an android application that provides you surfing services through world most authentic servers. these provides you better internet surfing without blocking services to any website. Zero VPN provides you different world servers like Germany, France, UK, US, Japan, Singapore, Netherland etc. it has very neat and clean interface. when you open this application then id detects world available servers according to your network then it detect and provide suggestion to choose your favorite server and connect it and enjoy surfing without any problem.

Operating System: Android

License: Freeware
Type: Application
size: 3.99 Mb

Download Zero VPN APK

Download Syphon Shield handler

Syphon shield is another android vpn application that is used to provide free internet with proxy service.from this application you can run any website connected through this vpn. it provide different kinds of server. these server are located in Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Singapore, Japan. through these servers you can easily run any type of website without getting any error.
when you open this application then you have to provide Host setting, Proxy, and Port.
after that you have to select your favorite server location and touch on connect. after 1 minute you will be connected to your desire location server. you can see key mark at the top of android notification bar. this mean you have connected to internet.
Download Links:
Application Size: 5.2MB
Operating System: Android
License: Freeware

Download Psiphon Handler APK (82/91/88/Pro/all versions/exe)

Psiphon handler 82 is a free VPN android app that is used to make internet websites that are
blocked in your countries. These websites include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other adult websites are include. in this case Psiphon handler connect through outer country server and unblocked all websites that are prohibited in country.
it provides many server like united states, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Singapore.
you have to choose one of them any server and then touch on connect button then a red signal will start blinking and you will see after 1 minute a key mark would be began to show at the upper side of the notification bar of Android. it's mean is that you have connected with outer country server and your ip address is completely changed and you can freely enjoy any website In your country.

Here you can download all versions of Psiphon handler including Psiphon handler 82, Psiphon 91, Psiphon Pro.

Download Psiphon Handler in apk:

  • Application Name: Psiphon handler 82 UI
  • Application Category: Android Handler UI APK
  • Application Size: 5.38 MB

Khajoor(dates benefit)


is ka rang siyah surkhi mail ya surkh siyahi mail hota hai.is ka zaiqa mehta aur mizaj garm-o-tar hota hai.is ki miqdar khurak aik chitank se aik pao tak hai.



khajoor khoon paida krti hai.badan ko mota krti hai.

jab Huzoor ne makkah se madinah hijrat farmai tu ahal-e-madinah khajoor k pattey hela kr istaqbal kya.

Rasool Allah ne bemari k bad kuch dino tak khajoor khane se mana farmaya hai.

khajoor achi sahat k lye tonic hai.

khajoor hamla aurto k lye mufeed btaya gya hai.

Ap (S.A.W)khajoor k sath tarbooz bhi kha lete the.aur roti k sath bhi khaya.

Huzoor ne farmaya k jis ghar main khajoor ho ge us ghar waley kbhi bhukey nhi rahain gaye.

khajoor se rozah aftar krna sunnat hai.q k din bahr k bhookey rahney k bad tawanai km ho jati hai is lye aisi cheez aftari k lye zruri hoti hai jo jald hazam ho aur taqat dey.ye khubiyan khajoor main mojod hain.

khajoor k sath kheera khane se jism tawana aur khubsurat nazar ata hai.

Huzoor ne farmaya k mere nazdeekh aurto k lye haiz ki kasrat  k lye khajoor se bahtar phal aur mareez k lye shahad se bahtar koi dawai nhi,

khajoor ko dho kr dudh main ubal kr dena zachgi k bad kamzori aur bemari k  bad ki kamzori ko door krta hai.

Huzoor ne farmaya k Darakht par pki hui khajoor sab se bahtreen hoti hai.

agar khajoor ko nehar munh khaya jaye tu ye pait k kerey mar deti hai.
agar Dates benefits pasand aya ho tu isey share zrur krain apne dosto k sath.

Anar (pomegranate benefits)

anar ka rang surkh-o-sabz hota hai.jab k is k dano ka rang sufaid aur surkh hota hai.is ka mizah sard tar hai.


Anar K Fawaid:

Anar pyas ko taskeen deta hai,

Huzoor  ko anar bohat pasand tha.Ap  ne farmya k anar ka bedana,bahi,saib,sufaid angoor aur hurma tazah jannat k maivey hain.aur anar se mutaliq mazeed farmya k"Anar sab maivo main bahtar hota hai aur khurak hazam krne main madad deta hai."


Farman Nabi hai k aik phal main sirf aik dana ruhani khaso-siyat ka hamil hota hai.q k is main jannat ka pani hota hai.is k ilavah farmya jo shaks aik anaar pura khaye tu 14 din tak shaitan us k dil ki roshni se door rahta hai.isi trah 3 anar bahi-dana back wqt khane se shaitan us ki dil ki roshni se aik sal tak door rahta hai is trah bandah gunaho se paak bhi rahta hai.

anar k andar Vitamin C,phasphoras,sodium,calcium aur sulpher ki khasi miqdar main pai jati hai jo insani sahat k lye zruri ansar hain.


Angoor k faiday (grapes /grape fruit benefits )

angoor ka rang sabzi mail zard aur siyah hota hai.kacha angoor khata hota hai.jab k paka hua sheereen hota hai

Angoor main carbohydrates,protiens,vitamin A,Vitamin C, calcium aur iron pay jate hain jo insani sahat k lye bohat mufeed hote hain.

angoor dil,jigar,dimag aur gurdo ko taqat deta hai.
chehrey ko nikharta hai.

khansi ko khtam krne k lye angoor ka rus main shahad mila kr chatna mufeed hota hai.

aurto k doran hamal main angoor ka ras peene se hamla aurat gashi,chakar,apharah aur dard se mahfooz rahti hai.aur bacha bhi sahat mand aur twana paida hota hai.

Lichorya ki surat main khawateen ko chiye k wo angoor k juice main aik chammach shahad mila kr piyain tu yaqenan marz door ho jay ga.ye khurak 10 din k lye hai.

bandish haiz main angoor k juice main aik chammach shahad aur 2 adad chuharey pees kr istemal krna be-had mufeed hota hai.

maiday ki taizabiyat angoor k istemal se dor ho jati hai shart ye hai k angoor metha ho.

angoor k rus main shahad aur aam ka goda teno hum wazan mila kr rozana khay jain tu na sirf chehrey ka rang nikharta hai bal-k ankho k gird halqey bhi gaib ho jate hain.

angoor dwa bhi hai aur geza bhi hai.is lye isko khane main mukammal ahtyat ki jaye.khatey angoor se parhaiz kya jaye aur tazah aur achey angoor khaye jain tu yaqenan sahat achi rhe ge.

Apple And it's Benefits (Fruit Benefits)


Saib :

is ka rang sabz,zard,aur surkh hota hai.saib ka zaiqa sheeren hota hai.saib aik bahtreen dimagi geza hai q k is main dusrey phalo ki nisbat phasphoras aur folad zyadah miqdar main paye jate hain aur phasphoras dimag ki asal geza hai.

saib har wqt khaya ja skta hai.kisi bhi wqt khane se nuqsan nhi hota.agar khana khane k bad khaya jay tu hazmey main madad krta hai.nashtey k tor par khaya jaye tu khoon barhata hai aur dil-o-dimag ko farhat deta hai.

Saib k Fawaid:

saib ko kash kr k chehrey par 10 mint lgaiye.is se jild main chamak aur khubsurti paida hoti hai.

saib chehrey ka rang nikharta hai.ye khoon main surkh cell paida krta hai.

agar rozana 2 saib kha kr aik pao dudh subha nehar munh pya jaye tu 6 hafto main insasni sahat qabil rashk ho jati hai,

rat ko sote wqt 3 saib khana qabz kusha asar rakhta hai

dimagi kam krne walo k lye saib khana qudrat ka bahtreen tohfa hai.

saib qadrey qabiz hota hai.lakin is ka murabbah bhook barhata hai.

chehrey ka rang nikharta hai.maidah ko taqat deta hai.

kamzor mareezo ko be had faidah deta hai

saib dil ko shaguftah aur dimag ko taro tazah krta hai.is wja se preshani wagairah ki surat main insani jism main quwat muda-feat barhata hai.

saib k chilko k chaiy main agar lemu aur shahad ka izafah kr lya jay tu ye paichish aur bukhar ki kamzoryo ko door krti hai.

saib danto ko mazboot krta hai.is k ijza danto aur masurho main jazab ho kr inhain mazboot bnaney main madad krte hain.

bachey ki paidaish se pahley agar saib ka musalsal istemal kya jaye tu bacha khubsurat paida hota hai aur hamla aurat mukhtalif bemaryo se mahfooz bhi rahti hai.

agar  bachey ko saib ki qashain trash de jain bacha is ko chaba kr khaye tu is k dant ba-asni nikal ate hain.

saib ko khoob chaba chaba kr khana chiye ta k is k mufeed ajza danto aur masurho ko mazboot krain.

saib k musalsal istemal se badan main phurti aur jism main chusti ajati hai,


Amla k fawaid (Balo ko lamba aur Ghana bnane ka triqa in Hindi Urdu)


amla bra mash-hoor phal hai.aam tor par unab se le kr akhrot k brabar hota hai.brey amley ko bnarsi kehte hain.qudrat ne insan ko jo namtain phalo ki shakal main ata ki hain. in main amla ki khasosiyat se qabil zikr hai.ye is aetabar se munfarid phal hai k tmam phalo k muqabley main vitamin C is main sab se zyadah hoti hai.ye vitamin insani sahat k lye nehayat aham smjhi jati hai.amla is vitamin ka qudarti khazana hai.

Amley ko istemal krne ka bahtreen triqa ye hai k usey degar phalo ki trah khaya jaye aur sath main hasb zaiqa namak bhi shamil kr lya jaye usey sabzi k tor par bhi istemal kya ja skta hai.amlo ka murabbah aur achar bhi dalte hain.
amla bohat c bemaryo ka muasir ilaj hai.tazah amlo k rus ko shahad main mila kr bohat c bemaryo main istemal kya jata hai.usey nehar munh khaya jata hai.uska musalsal istemal jism ko aik nai quwat bakhasta hai.jab tazah phal muasar na ho tu khushk amley ka powder shahad k sath istemal kya ja skta hai.

Burhapey Ka Tdaruk:

amley main qudrat ne aik aur khubi bhi rakhi hai wo ye k amley ka musalsal istemal na sirf burhape ko rokta hai.bal k badan ko sahat mand aur chaq-o-cho band bhi rakhta hai.ye insan ko mukhtalif bemaryo se bhi mahfooz rakhta hai.neez dil ko taqat deta hai jism k mukhtalif gadoodon ko faal bnata hai,aur balo ko bohat c bemaryo se bchata hai,

Balo k lye tonic:

amley ko sadyo se balo ki afzaish aur unhain kala krne k lye istemal kya ja rha hai.tazah amlo ko chotey chotey tukro main kaat kr inhain saye main khushk kr lijiye.in tukro ko naryal k tail main itni dair tak ubalain k is main hal ho jain thandah hone par chaan lain ye siyahi mail tail balo ko sufaid hone,balo ko girne se rokne aur chamakdar bnaney k lye khushk amlo ki rat bhar pani main bhego rakhain jab gusal krain tu is pani se bal dhoin.