Naiki ka hukam aur Gunhao se rokney ki fazeelat (achi batain)

There are lots of Muslims in the world. every Muslim believe In One Allah. it is his or her duty to stopped other Muslims from wrong doing. this hadith is about the barkat of doing (naiki ka hukam aur burai se rokna).
islam provide all the aspects of life. Muslims realize that their duties about Islam. Islam is the only religion in the world that teaches one's to respect his or her parents in old age.
this hadith is about the people who stopped people by doing wrong and teach them to good deeds. these people will be the best people in akhirat. these people were the well wisher of the mankind.
if you want to become good Muslim you should have to help people, ready to help people every time so that you will become good Muslims. Muslim women also do good deeds to get Jannat in akhirat.

achi batain