How To Monetize YouTube Video

After getting adsense account approved then you are able to make money from YouTube adsense. Now we learn how we can monetize our video so that ads can appear on your uploaded YouTube videos.

Follow these Steps to Monetize your YouTube Videos.

  1. Sign in YouTube with gmail account.
  2. upload a video and name your video, provide description and keywords.(Provide Basic Information of your Video)
  3. Go To Monetization tab and choose ads format that you want to show on your videos.
  4. now are you done with monetization process. and then click on Publish. you can check either ads are showing on your uploaded videos or not by clicking on videos.
Now After clicking on Publishing the video copy the video link and share it to your friends and social media sites.
every time when a user see the video and click on the ads appearing on the video it will count money for your adsense account.

How to Make Money on YouTube (Adsense Approval Method)

How to earn money from YouTube 

Dear Friends ! We know YouTube was banned for a long time period in pakistan due to anti islamic videos. last year the banned was lift and every one can access the youtube easily.
2 to 4 month ago Google Announced that Monetization for Youtube In Pakistan is being enabled which means pakistanis can make money from making videos and uploaded it to YouTube.
People in the world making hundreds of dollars in just one day From their Videos by linking their youtube account to AdSense.

Are You Ready To make Money ???

Required Things:

1: Gmail Account
2: YouTube Channel
3: Adsene
How To Setup YouTube Account to Adsense:

1: First of all sign in YouTube with Gmail Account.

2: Click on Right Side Icon That shows your gmail account picture then a small window will show there is a creator button click on it and it will take you to another page.

3: Now click on a create a channel 

Name Your Channel that you want and click on Create Channel. (i provide testing surveys)

4: Upload Your Original video.(Original video is necessary to monetize your channel)

5: While Your Video is uploadin you can Name The Video and describe a brief description of your video and some keywords at the tag  box and then click on Publish. Finally you have uploaded your video to Youtube.

 6: Now look on right side where is video manager click on it then it would take you another page with your uploaded video information like that.

Now We Have Done Our First Part Of Making Money From YouTube !

7: From Above Pic you can see left side navigation where is Channel click on it and a page would open like that 

8: From Above Pic There are many options are available in in small boxes. but we deal with first box name "Monetization" click on "Enable". it would take you another page that look like this.
Click on "Get Started".

9: A new Pop Up window will appear regarding YouTube Adsense Policies. check all check boxes and click on i Agree.

10: Now You will enter in YouTube Adsense site Where you should have to sign in with your gmail account. click on sign in

11: another page that will ask you to choose your language by default it is English. click on save and continue.
12: Now You have to Enter Your Complete Original Data. Postal Address of your city Can be Found on Google. search on google with your city name with postal address e.g Lahore postal address then click on Submit Application.
13: Now if YouTube Adsense Ask You to verify your number then verify it by putting your mobile number. a message will come to your provided mobile number pick the code and put it in box and click on Verify.

14: A New Pop Up Window Will appear with adsense terms and conditions check the box and click on submit it will take you back to YouTube. 

15: After 2 to 3 hours later sign in gmail account and check your mail inbox where you could be able to find that you have successfully join to Adsesne.

16: now sign in Google Adsense Website with your gmail account and now you will be enter in Adsense Account Dashboard.

Now you have to upload your videos and then monetize and make money online with YouTube.
if You are stuck in any step then you can comment and let me know so that i can help you to fix it out.